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December 23, 2020

Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Holidays to the Defence Team! They’ve been kind enough to let me host this special episode of #Defenceteamnews from my home here at the North Pole.Today, I’ll be speaking with Avr Stephane Jacques who works with the #NORADTracksSanta team over at 22 Wing North Bay.

Santa is available for limited, short visits this Christmas 2020 season. For more information, please go to Santa Claus - COVID-19 for more information.

Because COVID-19 is still around with no vaccine available by Christmas, Santa does not wish to get anyone sick or be a part of a gathering which risks the health of everyone.

Nor does Santa wish to cancel his 2020 visit. So he has come up with an idea:

Outdoors visits


HoHoHo à tous mes amis!

santa-small.jpgLe père Noël veut d’abord te dire que Mme Claus, les lutins, les rennes et tout le monde, y compris moi-même, nous nous portons tous très bien ici au Pôle Nord.

Personne n’est malade.

Le père Noël a reçu des nouvelles de la part de beaucoup de gens qui t’aiment, et des rapports des lutins, de la Fée des dents et de tous les autres amis du père Noël. Je suis bien au courant des inquiétudes au sujet du gros microbe COVID-19.

HoHoHo to all my friends.

santa-small.jpgSanta wishes to tell you that Mrs. Claus, the elves, the reindeers and everyone else, including myself, are all doing very well here in the North Pole.

No one is sick.

Santa has been receiving news from your parents and grandparents, reports from the Elves on the Shelves, the Toothfairy and all other friends of Santa about your feelings and concerns regarding the big germ, COVID-19.

Santa knows that children and grown-ups are a little worried.

Santa will be on-hand for the 67's annuel Teddy Bear Toss, on December 15th. Doors open at 1 PM and the game starts at 2 PM. Bring a new stuff toy to throw on the ice when the 67's score their first goal!


Santa will be on hand for the annual Ottawa Christmas Market, at the TD Place, for the lighting of the Christmas Tree. The event starts at 5:00 PM. Santa will stay until 8 PM.


Santa will be on-hand to greet all his friends as he makes his arrival at 10:00, December 16, 2019. See you there!

What’s bringing the jolly fellow back so soon? Have there been an increase of naughtiness in the Capital region?

Hope. He will be at the EY Center, October 13th, to say thank you and his share his appreciation to all the volunteers and staff involved with OutGROW OutPlay - OGOP.

Check out their web site for more information.

The NHL has contract out to Santa Claus to build his own Santa chair for the upcoming NHL Classic 100 match between the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadians. The chair, made from broken hockey stick collected from various arenas in Ottawa, will be used by Santa ( to greet hockey fans and friends while they wait for the big match later that evening.

The "Throne of Blades" can be seen in the North Pole kiosk in the Aberdeen pavilion.

Santa Ottawa wishes to thank the Ottawa GeeGee Men's Hockey team and the University of Carleton for their contribution to some of the sticks used.

Many thanks!

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