HoHoHello - Santa has been asked to help out once again the Ottawa 67's super hockey team collect stuff toys for their annual Teddy Bear Toss. It will be held at TD Place during the match between the 67's and the Owen Sound Attack, December 15, 2018.

Bring a stuff toy to the game.  I will be there, to send Christmas well wishes and hugs to all! 

What’s bringing the jolly fellow back so soon? Have there been an increase of naughtiness in the Capital region?

Hope. He will be at the EY Center, October 13th, to say thank you and his share his appreciation to all the volunteers and staff involved with OutGROW OutPlay - OGOP.

Check out their web site for more information.

The NHL has contract out to Santa Claus to build his own Santa chair for the upcoming NHL Classic 100 match between the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadians. The chair, made from broken hockey stick collected from various arenas in Ottawa, will be used by Santa ( to greet hockey fans and friends while they wait for the big match later that evening.

The "Throne of Blades" can be seen in the North Pole kiosk in the Aberdeen pavilion.

Santa Ottawa wishes to thank the Ottawa GeeGee Men's Hockey team and the University of Carleton for their contribution to some of the sticks used.

Many thanks!

Big Joe and SantaJust return back to the North Pole after participating in the annual Christmas Tree Lighting over at Lansdowne in Ottawa. Wonderful time meeting everyone and got a chance to see my old friend Big Joe.

Merry Christmas Ottawa! 

Santa catching a stuffed bear for CHEO

HoHoHello All my 67s Hockey Fan!

I have been asked by the fabulous hockey team, the Ottawa 67s, to help them once again be a part of their annual Teddy Bear Toss for CHEO!

I am so exicted to be a part once again this year! Last year, we collected thousands of beautiful stuff toys and gave many children a super special Christmas gift last year.

Please help the 67s organisation once again this year by bringing in a new unused plush toy at the hockey game:

teddybeartoss2017.jpgDecember 10th
Game time is 2:30pm

Image of money jar

HoHoHello all!

My prices are based on the type of appearance you are seeking. Please fill out this form and I will get back to you as fast as I can make a cup of hot chocolate.

*Note: I would love to a part of each and every party I am invited to, but unfortunately, I am restricted by time.

My approach is based on a first confirmed get booking. This means that the first client who confirms a date/time is the one awarded the contract. Because of the limit of availability for events during the Christmas period, I cannot temporary book events.

Santa is also available after Christmas for booking, on December 26, 27 and 28th.

Tree of Hope Campaign 2015I was over in Kingston, Ontario for the "Tree of Hope" campaign. This year Family and Children's Services gave out Christmas presents to more than 920 children and youth, and they helped 80 families with food and gift baskets. WOW!

I was so very busy this past season, preparing, planning, visiting so many people here in Ottawa and the surrounding area.  I even got in a game over at the 67s! They won. We had fun!

Soda pop can

I am often asked if Santa is the product of the Coca Cola Company which created the look of today's Santa.

Coke did not create the Santa look but, like so many other companies, capitalized on the popularity of Santa and Christmas.

There are numerous examples of the look of Santa created years before Coke first introduced him as their Christmas spokesman. The Saturday Evening Post had already published for several years Santa on their front covers during the Christmas editions. If you look at these fantastic images, you will see that the look Santa was well underway prior to Coca Cola’s. 

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