Christmas Countdown

159 days, 15 hours, 10 minutes, 21 seconds until Santa arrives.

Types of Visits


So many types of Santa visits available. Here are some ideas:

Santa Home | Office Visits | Outdoor | Garage Vists

Unlike a department store visit to Santa, your bespoke visit will be far more personal and magical, with the flexibility to meet Santa when it fits in with your schedule. Santa will appear at your front door or party, to the sound of Rudolph’s sleigh bells and bring the traditional warmth and spirit of Christmas into your home.

Every child will then be able to speak with Santa and tell him about their wish list – big kids and adults too if they’re up to it. You are more than welcome to take as many photos or video throughout the visit, which means that all those Magical Christmas Memories will be captured forever.

Catch Santa Delivering Presents
(VERY limited availability)

Do you want to make a child believe again? Or create a Magical Christmas Memories that will last a lifetime? Have Santa visit your home late Christmas Eve or early Christmas Morning (from 11pm to 5am). Santa will fill stockings and pull out presents from his magical toy sack while you and the kids watch from a ‘hidden’ location.

After, you can either sneak them back to bed or be discovered by Santa and enjoy a few cookies with the Real Santa Claus.

Santa Silent/Quiet Visits

A trip to the mall to sit on Santa’s knee is a special event for families, but the holiday hustle and bustle can be overwhelming for kids with autism and other special needs. This Santa has much experience with sensory sensitive individuals and is ready to go anywhere you need. No bells, no flashing light, no loud noises. Just Santa who wants to hear their Christmas list and tell them how special they are and That Santa loves them.

Santa Hospital Visits

Santa can make special visits to hospital ahead of the holidays to help spread the Christmas spirit and remind the children that they are not going to be forgotten on Christmas Day. Special requests can be made.

Santa Birthday Visits

Santa can help make your child’s birthday extra special by wishing him/her a happy birthday in person. Santa will make a grand entrance, great all of the guests, deliver a special birthday present, then lead everyone in singing Happy Birthday. Of course there will be plenty of pictures too.

Quick Meet and Greets

Do you have flowers/gifts you wish to deliver to that someone special? Santa is available to make a grand entrance and make their day and yours!