There are only

136 days, 13 hours, 0 minutes, 40 seconds until Christmas morning.

Produced and directed by Chris Chitaroni


HoHoHello to everyone!

I wish to express my deepest thanks for allowing me to be a part of your Christmas celebrations!

I loved so very much being there to share my Santa with you and the privilege to create Magical Christmas Memories with you all.

In reality, it is you who created memories for me.

This year I was so happy to see old friends and clients who continue to invite me year after year to share their passion for Christmas.

As well, I have made numerous new friends. How honoured I am!

I had the chance to hold newborns in my arms and see newborns I met years ago years. I was thrilled to have older folks seated with me.

I would be delighted if you could write a testimonial of your experience.

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Many events happened to me this year. I wish to share two special ones with you.

The first was when I was leaving from a mall on Christmas Eve, when a young couple arrived with a newborn baby. The baby must have been just a few days old.

With tears in their eyes, they told me how they drove in from Rockland, having gone to multiple malls without any success, trying desperately to find a Santa.

How can I refuse? Out of the question that I would not sit with them. I knew in my heart that if I were late for the next visit, they would understand.

We quickly took the pictures. I could not hold back the Christmas joy in my heart as I left them. With smiling tears still in their eyes they wished me a Merry Christmas with endless thanks.

The other event involved a young couple all dressed in their Christmas pyjamas. We hugged and smiled for the camera. As I walked away, the young man quickly grabbed my arm and placed me next to him. The young lady was looking up at him, confused, when he slowly knelt in front of her, presenting a little box with a very beautiful engagement ring. As I was standing right next to him, he asked her if she would marry him. With a look of shock and tears running down her eyes, she said “Yes”.

As they hugged and kissed, I took my Rudolf sleigh bells and shook them with all my might. Everyone within hearing distance heard me say: “She said YES”.

I thank you and wish you all a wonderful, magical New Year, and all the best for 2020!




Santa posing with guests at Lansdowne Classic 100 NHL
North Pole exhibit at The Pregame Scotiabank NHL100 Classic Fan Festival,
Santa and a little lady
Santa Claus Sizzle Reel
Poster from movie "Christmas of Ice"
Hallmark's Christmas of Ice
Santa Claus' Hockey Chair for the NHL Classic 100 Santa Village
Throne of Blades for Santa
Tree of Hope 2016
Tree of Hope Campaign 2016
Ottawa 67s Teddy Bear Toss 2016
Ottawa 67s Teddy Bear Toss 2016
Santa at Tinseltown Emporium - Exterior
Santa visits Tinseltown Christmas Emporium
Santa himself was even on hand for the tree lighting. JULIE OLIVER / POSTMEDIA
Grey Cup celebration continues at Christmas Market tree lighting
Christmas fundraising campaign kicks off (Family and Children’s Services of Fron
Tree of Hope Christmas fundraising campaign kicks off