Just wanted to say a big thank you for making the birthday so special. Everyone agreed that you were a wonderful Santa ;).

Emily Gauthier
December 22, 2018

We had Santa visit last night at a private children's party. Everyone was so absolutely impressed with him. Santa was engaging, joly, and answered even the toughest questions! I highly recommend Santa M for your holidays! My kids are still floating on air!

Ashleigh Lepkey
December 19, 2018

Thank you so much for your visit last Saturday. The kids loved it!  Enjoy your own Christmas.  We will likely ask you to come by again next year!

Lauren LaBerge
December 19, 2018

Thank you SOOOO much for making Luke's day, possibly his year, yesterday.  I was just going through the photos and the look on his face screams "I believe".  Last night he slept with that coin you gave him.  You were so captivating with the kids, and we're beyond thrilled we were able to spend that Christmas moment with you.

Drew, Sarah and most of all, Luke
December 3, 2018

We had Santa come to our family Christmas party he was amazing all of the adults were raving about his performance and said it was the best Santa they had ever seen the children 19 in all were mezmerized during his visit it was amazing to see how he was able to kept these children attentive And entertained it’s very evident that he puts his heart and soul into being Santa we will definitely have him come again

Kim Licari
January 14, 2018

What an amazing morning. Santa engaged and interacted with our parents and kids, well before having a seat on his Santa chair. He told a captivating story, and passed around his "Naughty or Nice" baton, which the kids loved to hold. The costume and props, from the grey/white coloured eyebrows, to the sleigh bells, were very convincing. I keep getting compliments on the choice of Santa and I would definitely recommend this Santa to friends, family, and other colleagues in the future. Should I organize our party again next year, I hope to call on you again!

A. Cardinali
January 8, 2018

We had Santa Marc come to our corporate family Christmas party in December 2017. All my dealings with him prior to the event were nice and professional, and he was great with the children.

I would definitely hire Santa Marc again.

Mira - 4Point
January 3, 2018

What an amazing Santa! This was the first time we booked Marc for our office Children's Party and he was fantastic. He was animated, interacted with the children well, answered all their questions and completely engaged them while at the party.

I was so impressed I booked him that day for our next years party.

Thanks Marc, the parents and children loved you.

Jennifer Jackson - Pythian
December 30, 2017
Santa having a chat with his young friends.

I have had Marc (Santa) come 2 years in a row because he is so wonderful! He is very authentic and charming with the children! I have a couple of very young children who were initially scared but he was so kind and gentle they warmed up and were high fiving him by the end.

I highly recommend Marc!

Sweet Pea Daycare - Sarah Sherrington
December 24, 2017

SANTA CAME TO OUR DAYCARE AND THE CHILDREN WERE SO MUCH HAPPY WITH HIM...He's great and very patient with kids, all the kids love him !!!! Even grown up enjoy their times with Santa Claus.

Thank you for making our event as magical as possible.
Will definitely be using it next year !!!!

Zina I Al-Mdallal
December 23, 2017