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167 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes, 9 seconds until Christmas morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get so many great questions from children of all ages around the world that I decided to compile some of them here.

Q: Do you supply testimonies and/or references?

Santa is very protective of identity of his clients and will not give out their contact information. However testimonials are available.

Q: Can I have Santa just deliver Flowers or stop by to say Hi?

Yes, but the minimum charge at a resident is $50 and will last no more than 15 minutes. The minimum charge for a business is $100 and will last no more than 30 minutes from the sleigh and back. All prices include HST.

Q: Can we have Santa meet us at a photography studio?

Yes, but Santa cannot wait around for the photographer to get ready, unless you realize Santa is on the clock.

Q: If we are a non-profit, is Santa able to visit at no charge?

In most cases, Santa can offer a reduced rate. On some occasions Santa may wave his fees.

Q: Can Santa just do a quick meet and greet in between another job?

Yes, but in most cases there will still be a $100.00 minimum charge.

Q: Can we take pictures with Santa?

Yes, but only for personal use. If you are using the pictures for professional promotional purposes, or are selling the pictures, please let Santa know.

Q: Can we advertise Santa is coming to our event?

Yes. Santa can provide photos you can use to promote his arrival.

Q: Does Santa's arrive dressed up and ready to perform, or does the customer provide a changing area?

In most cases Santa will arrive dressed for your event. If Santa requires a changing area, then arrangement will need to be discussed prior to the event.

Q: Is Mrs. Claus available for a visit?

Unfortunately no. Same for elves or reindeers. Just Santa and his stories.

Q: Do you have photographers, provide backdrops, elves, or chairs for rent?

only Santa! But Santa does know of professional photographers he can refer you to.

Supplies such as chairs, backdrop and so forth require too much time to set up and take down, thus taking away his precious time to make visits elsewhere.

Q: What if we move to a new house?

Santa knows how to find every child by using his magical kid locator, once he locates a child who is at a different address or location, the sleigh will automatically take Santa to the new location.