Christmas Countdown

159 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes, 51 seconds until Santa arrives.

Preparing for Santa's Visit


Santa is so happy to be invited to your Christmas party!

I get asked all the time by those hosting the party -
"What do I need to do to make this a
Magical Christmas Memory for everyone?"

Well not much but a couple. The magic happens when we are all together.

Items required

  • A chair without arms, Sofas are good but please no rocking chairs.
  • A glass of water – no alcohol
  • A large enough area – Santa needs room in front of him
  • Try not to place Santa near any sources of heat. Fireplaces are beautiful, but hot!

If Santa arrives with presents

Santa will not be buying gifts of any kind, but will be very happy arriving with a bag full!

  • Make arrangements with Santa beforehand
  • Have presents placed in a bag(s). Please, no garbage bags!
  • Santa has some Christmas bags you can use.
  • The time for loading the bags will be considered part of the visit, so not too many
  • Only one present per person. This can include anyone – babies to grandparents
  • Place presents in garage, patio or someplace dry and out of sight

If Santa is giving out presents

  • Write out phonically the name on a post-it note. Many names can be pronouced  incorrectly
  • Add an “B” (boy) or “G” (girl) on the post-it, next to their names. Children do not like when Santa calls a boy “she” and a girl “he” (Michael, Michelle, Michel, Dakota, you get the idea)
  • Presents are to be given out at the end. My experience is once the presents have been opened, the children want to play with them. Santa becomes less important
  • Santa loves an assistant, but not mandatory
  • Please remove beforehand all gifts for guest who not coming. If you know they are coming late, place their presents aside

Book reading

Santa does have a few books, but cannot bring them all. Very heavy! I will bring a few.

If you want Santa to read stories, have one or two chosen before the visit. Please remember that long stories will eat away at the time.


House visits

  • Santa will be parking just far enough so curious little eyes won’t see him getting into/out of his car
  • If you are anticipating a lot of guests, maybe ask a neighbor if Santa can park in their driveway

Paid parking visits

  • Please reserve a spot for Santa so that he does not become late due to finding a place to park, especially weekends!
  • Please prepay the parking spot and give ticket to Santa at the end of the visit.

Candy canes and goodies

Santa will not be providing threats of any kind. There are too many food allergies out there. But Santa will give out threats supplied by you.


With a Christmas card sign by everyone (if you want), place payment (cash, cheque) in an envelope. You can give it in front of everyone or prior to Santa’s departure. Some children might be disappointed if they see payement being given to Santa.


I will do all he can to arrive on time. In the event I see that I will be arriving late, I will contact you ASAP at the phone number you provided. Stay close to it.

Please do not call before agreed time. I will not answer your call as I might be busy giving out presents elsewhere.


If you can spare them, Santa will take them! Place them in a small bag please. And Thank You!


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