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Tree of Hope 2016

The Tree of Hope is the annual Christmas appeal of Family and Children's Services. It helps more than 900 of the kids served by the Agency with toys, food, clothing and more at Christmas. It's also one of the oldest Christmas appeals in Southeastern Ontario. This is the campaign for kids who need Christmas the most.

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Santa Claus

He started in his mid-teens, and his dream is to one day become a mall Santa


During a particularly heartbreaking car ride with his then 10-year-old daughter Delphine, Marc Bertrand found himself explaining the spirit of Santa Claus to his young girl on the verge of adolescence.

"It's the gesture - it's how you treat others, it's how you learn to give without receiving, that's the message of Santa Claus," Bertrand told his not-so-little girl.

But Bertrand is also father to Jonathan, 7, whose unwavering belief in the spirit of St. Nick keeps him and thousands of other Santas-for-hire like him employed.