About Me


So who is exactly is this version of Santa Claus?

Marc Bertrand has been listening to children’s wishes as Santa Claus since 1998. It all started after Mr. Bertrand received a phone call from Rogers TV (23) in Ottawa. They wanted to know if he would be interested in appearing, as the “big guy” for their live, call-in Christmas show. This one hour live call-in show gave children a chance to call in and speak directly to Santa. They could ask questions, sing songs and of course tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

In 2012, Mr. Bertrand had one of his dreams come true. He was hired by St. Laurent Shopping Centre to sit in and listen to hundreds of children, and adults, ask him about his reindeers, Mrs. Claus and all the elves.

Since then, Mr. Bertrand has been visiting homes, office parties and special interest groups, telling stories, listening to all those special requests and helping create Magical Christmas Memories.

Mr. Bertrand is also a children’s performer with over 30 years experience. His specialty is Pantomime (mime) and is also a magician.